Polar bears ‘going to resort to cannibalism’


We’ve heard about polar bears and their melting ice. We’ve heard about them dying. But polar bears eating each other?

It’s just one part of the never-ending predictions for global warming.  Just one more reason we should start taking this stuff seriously.

Research now confirms that by 2050, sea ice during the summer will melt to half the area it covered in the 1980s. (source)

“They’re going to drown, they’re going to starve, they’re going to resort to cannibalism, they’re going to become extinct.” 

-Kassie Siegel, Center for Biological Diversity

Once the ice dissapears, the bears will be stranded on land where a lack of resources will put their lives in jeapordy. Although we have heard of polar bears drowning due to a lack of sea ice before,  never have we heard that they might resort to their brothers, sisters and cousins for dinner. 

It seems as if the polar bears have become the “poster children” for global warming–perhaps even our guinea pigs. While us “human beings” haven’t endured any real and serious consequences from global warming, our mammal friends to the north have.  How will we fare against global warming? Well, judging by the way the bears are doing– I’d say we’re (excuse the pun) walking on thin-ice.

 Right now, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is demanding the Bush Administration protect the polar bears under the Endangered Species Act. You can go to their website to help support the cause. Also,  check out NRDC’s short video below and tell me the cute, fluffy little creatures don’t take away your heart.



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