Finding Nemo just got a lot more difficult…


I’ve always hated fishing. You can stand there forever–watching, waiting, waiting, waiting– and at the end of the day, you’ve still caught nothing.

  Well soon I might not be the ONLY one with that problem.

A study shows that seafood as we know it may not exist by the year 2048. A lack of biodiversity, caused by everything from overfishing to poor water quality, may threaten your Fish & Chips dinner, leaving you with a plate full of chips.

  Scientists believe that already 29% of our seafood supply has already diminished. The solution, they say, is to meet the interests of commercial fishermen with logical conservation policies. Simply put, it’s probably a better idea to leave some fish swimming now, so we’ll still have something to catch later.  

Those who propose that areas of the ocean be “off-limits” to humans say we’ve been doing the same thing with land for years– and it works.  With proper human action the biodiversity problem can be reversed.

As for your decision to attend next year’s family reunion clam bake? Boris Worm, one of the lead researchers for the project, seems to think there’s a lot more to worry about than the awkward encounter with your old Aunt Betty.

“All of these species end up in our bellies somewhere, so of course we have a lot of control over what is caught and how it is caught. We need to make informed choices on the fish we eat.”

-Boris Worm, marine researcher.

SOURCE: National Geographic News



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