And the Emmy goes to…Earth!

 At the Emmy awards last week celebs didn’t walk down a green carpet– but, it wouldn’t have been all that surprising if they did.

The executives in charge of the awards show, FOX and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, launched an environmentally-friendly campaign to lower the carbon emissions of the entire event.

Celebs showed up in alternative fuel and hybrid vehicles, then walked the red carpet created entirely of recycled plastic bottles.  The sun, water and wind powered the Shrine Auditorium in L.A.  Meanwhile, the after-party featured an array of local and organically grown foods.  Behind the scenes, stage lighting was reduced by 15%, and biofuel generators were used as backup power. The solar panels will be donated to a local school, plants and flowers will be donated and reused, and the left-over food will be given to a shelter.

Hollywood once again proves that “going green” isn’t just good for the environment, it’s also the latest trend. Is it meaningful?  Who cares!

Sure, the hybrid is the “cool” car to have, and maybe that new organic garden of yours is just to impress your neighbors. Perhaps An Inconvenient Truth is “accidentally” left on your coffee table, and Al Gore just “happens” to be your favorite politician. Yeah, ok.

Green is cool and Americans know it.  Besides, if Leonardo DiCaprio is doing it- why wouldn’t you?


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