Even the Snowmen are asking.

 I spent the summer interning for Fox News in Boston. I was well-respected there and was given an amazing amount of responsibility and opportunities.  On one evening, I  was sent to interview Senator John McCain one-on-one. The interview was just after the Democratic YouTubedebate, and on the heels of the Republicans turn.

Many thought the YouTubeness made a mockery of the political process. So I decided to ask the presidential hopeful about it. How did McCain respond?

His face got red, he got serious, and he told me his disgust for the infamous “Snowman” and its ridiculousness.

 Whether it’s a snowman or a real person asking the questions, somebody has to.

Global Warming isn’t a challenge for the next presidential candidate. It’s an opportunity to do what’s right. It’s one of the hottest (no pun intended) topics of the 2008 elections. 

CLICK ON THE CANDIDATES BELOW to hear what they think.

The best way to figure out what your candidate wants for the environment might be to check out the League for Conservation Voters: The Heat is On website.

Who do you like???      Leave a comment.

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    rhancock said,

    Once again, outstanding job!

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