the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

This is NOT a joke.

There is a Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, and they are serious. You want to join? Well,  all they ask is that you don’t produce children.

VHEMT, as they are called, find it morally wrong to produce offspring. Why? Well, because according to them wildlife species are going extinct and 40,000 children die each day. They say the Earth is overpopulated and by one infant (or lack thereof) we can save the world.

Although the movement sounds like a suicide mission (they assure us, it is not), their overall thinking might be headed in the right direction. Overpopulation contributes to everything from traffic to global warming, and it’s causing a lot of problems.

So if your contribution to the environment is to not have children, I say right on!

However, for those of us who dream of the perfect nuclear family, I would suggest atleast driving the kids to soccer practice in a hybrid?

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    Eco_h2o said,

    Thank you for mentioning our movement.

    The “Voluntary Human Extinction Movement” (VHEMT) is real and has many members. Anyone can join the group, if he complies with these ideas:

    1st.- Never to not have any biological descendants (you can adopt any of the thousand of orphans or starving kids that exit over the world).

    2nd.- Appreciate and respect other forms of life in the planet.

    3rd.- Do not impose nor force on others you form of thinking nor style of life. Teach and show by your personal example (this has to be a voluntary and conscious decision).

    I invite any reader to join the movement if you want to help a bit and prevent suffering for other life forms. Nowadays Earth is overloaded with so many people on it.

    This is neither “sect” nor religion. It is a life philosophy and a compromised, serious and deep environmental movement.

    Happy life for all.

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