“An epic drought in Georgia threatens the water supply for millions.

Florida doesn’t have nearly enough water for its expected population boom.

The Great Lakes are shrinking.

Upstate New York’s reservoirs have dropped to record lows.

And in the West, the Sierra Nevada snowpack is melting faster each year.”


It is estimated that 36 states will face water shortages within five years. Droughts, rising temperatures and a rising population all have contributed to the potential water crisis.


Florida, California and Texas combined use 1/4 of the United States water. Making me ask, “HEY guys! What about the 47 rest of us??”

Desalination, recycling, and conservation are all solutions to the problem.



But why is this happening?

1. Rising temperatures have caused glaciers to melt, and the sea level to rise. As the sea level rises, it pushes saltwater into the underground freshwater supply.

2. When landscapes are paved for roads, water can no longer penetrate the ground to replenish aquifers. Instead, cities pump water back into the ocean to prevent flooding.

3. The U.S. dumps most waste water into the ocean, instead of using it for irrigation.

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    Prof. Hancock said,

    Okay, so you’ve proven that you know your topic. Now, it’s time for you take on the world.
    Start linking your blog to similar blogs, AND, take your position to people and groups
    that disagree with your point of view.

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