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Smart Car, Smart Idea.


What happens when you cross an environmentally-friendly idea with a work of art? 

You get the Smart Car.

Created by Mercedes, the Smart Car already boasts a waiting list of 20,000, even though its not due to hit the U.S. market  until early 2008.  The SmartCar’s base price is expected to be about $12,000 with a fuel efficeincy of 40 miles per gallon. 

 It’s hard to imagine that just 5 years ago the Hummer H2 was the hot new car.

The big question is whether the Smart Car will catch on with Americans.  For urban living, the size is an obvious advantage. Not to mention, it’s energy efficeincy is a positive for anyone. But will it fit the lifestyles of most Americans? The Home Depot runs? The soccer team carpool? Certainly, the Smart Car isn’t for everyone.


In Europe, interest in the Smart Car is diminishing and the company is losing billions of dollars. There’s no guaruntee that it will be a complete success here either.  But what if it is?

The Smart Car could be a ground-breaking asset to the “Go Green” movement.  It’s a solution to some of our most pressing environmental concerns.  An environmentally-friendly product that is infiltrating our daily lives. It  sends a message to the American people that going “green” is here and happening.


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